Greater Fort Town Area Charity

In order to fulfill our mandate, we developed the following purposes and programs.

Charitable purposes and activities

Purpose: To address and prevent problems faced by youth by offering a fitness and cross-age mentoring program in Prescott, ON.

Activities in support of Purpose:
We plan to facilitate a structured holistic fitness program for youth at risk focused on improving health. The program will strategically focus on the prevention and improvement of physical, emotional, and mental health indicators. Using a collaborative approach, youth will be active participants in planning, assessing progress, and taking steps to reach their personal goals. The program will support the growth of leadership skills through the Cross-Age Peer Mentorship Program. A Youth Engagement component will support youth in playing an active role in the growth and future direction of the program.

Please click on the following link to register for the The Youth Movement Project.

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Youth Activities Program Grant.

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