Greater Fort Town Area Charity

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Pasted Graphic 5 President: Michel Larose
Elected: 2017
Term of Position: 2019 to 2021
"Michel Larose graduated from Loma Linda University with a Masters of Science in Marital & Family Therapy. He began his career working in forensics. As he progressed in his work as a therapist, he learned many valuable teachings from the Cree Nation in Hobbema in Alberta and working with families and youth in crisis. When he moved to Prescott, ON, he connected with the history of the region, the community, and the need to support our youth. In his youth, he was a cadet from ages 14 to 18. When his children joined Scouts, he became active with fundraising. In his community, he volunteers with the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival and his Church. Michel began running at the age of 40 and has worked to connect youth and families to adopt a healthy active lifestyle to better their physical, mental and spiritual health."

Pasted Graphic 3 Vice-President: Dan Gilpin
Elected: 2017
Term of Position: 2019 to 2021
Volunteer Experience:
Within Scouting, Mr. Gilpin is a lifelong Scout, participating in innumerable camps and events. Most recently he has fulfilled the leadership position of Group Commissioner for the North Grenville Scouts for over 6 years. Mr. Gilpin also brings experience as a Scouter for cubs, scouts and venturers.
Within the School System, Mr. Gilpin has been active on Parent Councils for 10 years, fulfilling the roles of Secretary, Co-chair and Chair. He has been active in Fundraising for classroom and playground equipment, as well as participated in the Upper Canada District School Board’s Community Engagement Initiative to provide feedback on school amalgamations and restructuring, school boundaries and design of the new North Grenville District High School.
Work Experience:
Mr. Gilpin’s work experience is in Operations within small to medium sized companies. Various positions include Account Management, Program Management, Supply Chain Management, Quality and Facilities Management.
Mr. Gilpin holds a Masters of Business Administration (McGill) and a Degree of Mechanical Engineering (Lakehead).

Pasted Graphic 8 Volunteer Coordinator: Julie Larose
Elected: 2017
Term of Position: 2019 to 2021
"Julie Larose comes from a family where volunteering is highly prized. She was a member and then a Girl Guide leader for 13 years, and has been a La Leche League Leader for 14 years. She has also volunteered locally with Good Food For A Healthy Baby, the Prescott Library Story Time, her church, the Prescott Playground Project, the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival, Prescott KidzChoir, JumpStart, and with various fundraisers for Scouts. She has a BA in Religious Studies from the University of Ottawa and has published two books for children. She ran a home daycare for 10 years and is now a department manager for a local store where she has worked for 5 years. In her rare free time, the likes to write, paint, cook, garden, and has recently become involved in community theatre."

Pasted Graphic 1 Program Coordinator for the Youth Movement Project: Chris Whaley
Elected: 2020
Term of Position: 2020 to 2022
"My wife and I have been married for 4 years.  We have 3 children ages 9, 10 and 11.  I am a military member posted to Ottawa in 2020.  Since my oldest turned 4 I have coached my kids in both hockey and soccer.  Including one year as league convenor.  

I believe in youth being active and challenged to build confidence and self esteem.  Through team activities youth also learn how to be leaders."

Pasted Graphic 6 Leave of Absence: Kellie Hare
Elected: 2017
Term of Position: 2019 to 2021
lifelong lover of running. I grew up in Maynard and always felt encouraged and inspired by the coaches and adults in my life.
Becoming a part of the Fort Town Night Run has been about giving back.

In my professional life, I work as an advocate in the Violence Against Women sector. I’m a wife and a mother of two daughters.

I’m the founder of the Prescott Pacers, an informal running club that encourages people to enjoy the social connections that come with group running. Please join us on Facebook and come out and run or walk with us.

Being actively involved in supporting youth endeavours is a privilege and I appreciate the opportunity to give back to my community."

Pasted Graphic 9 Trustee: Caitlyn Quade
Elected: 2017
"Caitlyn Quade graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2012 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She begun working with Parks Canada in the summer of 2009 as a student guide, and after a few summer of interpreting the military and social history of Upper Canada and Great Britain - she caught the history bug and has been with the Agency ever since. Now the Interpretation Co-ordinator for Fort Wellington National Historic Site - Caitlyn's passions include historic weapons, photography, and all things dogs. She recently started running and while she is more a tortoise than a hare - she loves to run outdoors along the St. Lawrence River and on trails. After working in the community for years - Caitlyn has found great joy volunteering with the Fort Town Night Run, giving back to the community and encouraging youth to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors, history and physical activity."

Pasted Graphic 4 Treasurer: Paul McAuley
Elected: 2017
"Paul was the 2018 recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award in Prescott, ON. For over 25 years, Paul McAuley has given back to the Prescott community as a tireless, invaluable volunteer.  Volunteering for any organization requires dedication, commitment, and passion.  Paul has shown this through his many years of service to the 7th Prescott Scouting and the Prescott & District Soccer Association.  Paul has been an active Scout Leader for countless years where he has motivated and led Prescott Scouts and Venturers and their families to also volunteer and give back to the community.  Paul is also an organizer and convener of the Prescott & District Soccer Association where he has been a coach for over ten years.  Beyond his commitment to these organizations, he is also a Trustee with the Fort Town Night Run and puts in thousands of volunteer hours a year all while working full-time."

Pasted Graphic 2 Trustee: Eli Silverman
Elected: 2018
Eli has come from a family that was dedicated to helping others and volunteered their time where it was needed. Eli joined his parents from an early age, doing whatever he could. He was a volunteer with St. John Ambulance in Ottawa for 7 years.

He is continuing to help people by joining the Fort Town Night Run. He cares about the safety of all the runners, and the organization, by working diligently to eliminate any identified risks.

Eli is a husband and father to 3 children. He lives in the Augusta Township. His daughter is on the Youth Advisory Committee, continuing a tradition of giving back.

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